GlobalDoc AI Letter

May 31, 2023

GlobalDoc would like to provide updated information pertaining to artificial intelligence (AI), machine translation (MT), and how we see these technologies being applied to our client’s global business practices and content strategies. In 2023, GlobalDoc has seen emerging and increasing attempts to use AI in the form of Bard, ChatGPT, and reemergence of attempts to use legacy MT tools like Google Translate (which disclaims responsibility for known inaccuracies and quality of content generated by the system).

With respect to MT, GlobalDoc remains on the forefront by offering professional MT scoring of client content while also combining LangXpert translation memory (TM) strategies – an offering we refer to as “hybrid translation services”. This hybrid approach has worked well for our clients since being implemented in 2020. GlobalDoc continues to advocate for the professional application of MT. “Professional application of MT” does not mean clients should run content through Google Translate and then utilize internal employees who are not professional translators to review translated content that is then published.

With respect to AI, GlobalDoc is cautioning our clients about using AI tools (e.g., Bard, ChatGPT) without first carefully considering and understanding especially important quality and security concerns. GlobalDoc clients have confidential and proprietary assets and information across a broad spectrum of businesses and operations that must be protected and remain secure.

There have been multiple instances recently involving employees at companies using AI solutions as part of their daily routines, without company knowledge or permission. In addition to the errors and substantial inaccuracies obtained from AI use, these uses have resulted in the disclosure of confidential and trade secret corporate information to external AI databases and services. This practice discloses confidential and proprietary data for the world to access, which could be severely detrimental to companies.

GlobalDoc clients are implementing clear policies (usually from corporate legal departments) restricting the use of AI within company operations. We encourage all clients to communicate these corporate policies to employees globally.

Lastly, GlobalDoc would like to assure clients that our processes and technologies are secure – especially technologies revolving around our LangXpert proprietary software application and related machine translation scoring. We will not adopt or apply any AI offering that might jeopardize the confidentiality and security of the content our clients entrust GlobalDoc with – no matter the language or region of the world the information is being used.

Thank you for your business. As always, please let GlobalDoc know if we can help with anything related to global communications and related technologies.  Please send comments or questions to your GlobalDoc representative or email to