FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GlobalDoc, Inc. Statement on Silicon Valley Bank Closure


GlobalDoc, Inc. Statement on Silicon Valley Bank Closure

ATLANTA, March 10, 2023 – GlobalDoc, Inc. is aware of the closure by financial regulators of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a key player in the technology and venture capital community. As a result, GlobalDoc would like to emphasize and state publicly that the company has no exposure to this bank closure, and that GlobalDoc’s operations are not impacted in any way.

GlobalDoc’s technology platforms including LangXpert® and the LangXpert Mobile Application are developed and funded internally through fiscally sound business practices and normal cash flows.

GlobalDoc is a closely held, private company in business since 1993. The company has operated profitably every year since its founding 30 years ago, and has no outside funding/investments, and minimal debt. These sound business practices ensure that the company can be relied upon to provide the same levels of innovation, quality, service, and technology that clients are accustomed to receiving.

About GlobalDoc, Inc.

GlobalDoc is a recognized industry leader with decades of experience in language management, translation software technologies, and translation services in all languages. Featuring its flagship web app and software application, LangXpert®, GlobalDoc remains a pioneering language service provider (LSP) and software development company supporting international requirements for extensive, highly visible corporate communications and technical information initiatives for clients.

Media Contact:

Michael Cooper, President
404-350-6740, ext. 119

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