2018 Statement on GDPR Compliance

GlobalDoc, Inc., our subsidiaries and our sub-processors (American Express and Microsoft) act as a “data collector” in compliance and pursuant to the provisions of the EU Data Protection Directive (GDPR) 95/46 when providing services to our clients. GlobalDoc does not collect data considered relevant to GDPR within our operations, including within GlobalDoc’s LangXpert® software applications.

In addition, there are limits to GDPR directives applicable to GlobalDoc. Our operations, along with the operations of our sub-processers are fully compliant with the relevant EU data protection requirements regarding the processing of personal data within the context of GlobalDoc’s operations and services. This position is unchanged by the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which does not place any additional obligations on GlobalDoc to disclose details of its data protection compliance in relationships where it acts as a data controller.

Data protection and information security are long-standing priorities for GlobalDoc. Long before GDPR was enacted, we purposely decided to not collect, process or sell personal data involved in the provision of translation and software development services.  Maintaining the confidentiality and protecting the privacy of our client’s information has always been a core element of GlobalDoc’s operations.  We do not profit from selling any customer data to advertisers or any third parties.

To meet its obligations under the EU GDPR and in recognition of the protection of personal data in general, GlobalDoc is committed to ensuring programs are always in place to meet any GDPR and other requirements that will enter into force now and in the future.

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