GlobalDoc announces LangXpert integration of machine learning technology

ATLANTA – GlobalDoc is pleased to announce further technology enhancements to LangXpert, the company’s translation management system (TMS).  Integration with technology partner ModelFront via API has been successfully launched.  More GlobalDoc clients are now able to recognize cost savings of 40% – 60% while ensuring aspects of quality control and turnaround time are maintained within the integration of technologies.

Mike Cooper, CEO of GlobalDoc says, “GlobalDoc’s user-friendly LangXpert TMS has been enhanced by incorporating API-based automated machine translation strategies into our proven workflows. The automation is uniquely transparent – clients benefit from ModelFront scores enabling informed decision making when considering human, machine, and hybrid translation options for their content.  Cost saving information is visible on client estimates and invoices, so savings are truly measurable.”

Adam Bittlingmayer, CEO of ModelFront says, “We love how fast GlobalDoc integrates our technology into their automated workflows. Better translation automation is good both for teams at some of the world’s most iconic companies, and for the billions of people who would otherwise not understand their valuable content.”

Combining automation improvements, cloud-native infrastructure, and continued investments into LangXpert software development provides everyone working with GlobalDoc increased process efficiencies and cost savings for translation into any language.

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