GlobalDoc and ModelFront Announce Exclusive Marketing and Development Partnership

ATLANTA/PALO ALTO – GlobalDoc, Inc. and ModelFront, Inc. have entered into an exclusive licensing and marketing agreement to provide clients automated access to ModelFront’s technology within GlobalDoc’s LangXpert software.  This partnership supports an approach to translation automation that is secure, user-friendly, understandable, and optimized for enterprise-level fulfillment of B2B translation requirements in all languages.

Mike Cooper, CEO of GlobalDoc says, “GlobalDoc’s quality-minded clients have been trying for years to incorporate machine translation into an automated, cost effective and simple approach in support of high-quality global content requirements. GlobalDoc’s LangXpert is integrating ModelFront’s technology and experience in machine translation and machine learning to provide an innovative, full-service, turn-key service to clients.  The integration is uniquely transparent – clients will receive ModelFront scores to enable informed decision making when considering human, machine, and hybrid translation options for their content.”

Adam Bittlingmayer, CEO of ModelFront says, “GlobalDoc is a fast-moving, full-service, quality-focused language service provider to companies operating on a global scale. ModelFront shares a global outlook and a mission to make translation technology more robust and accessible to companies competing in the global marketplace.”

ModelFront translation integration and risk prediction are available as a LangXpert add-on, providing scoring of output from Amazon, DeepL, Google, IBM, and Microsoft machine translation systems. Combining automation improvements, cloud-native infrastructure, and continued investments into LangXpert software development provides everyone working with GlobalDoc increased process efficiencies and cost savings for translation into any language.

ABOUT GLOBALDOC — GlobalDoc is a premier provider of translation, localization, and LangXpert software development services for multinational companies worldwide. With operations in Atlanta, London, and Bangalore, GlobalDoc’s 27 years of experience working within the translation industry allows the company to help clients succeed in any global market.

ABOUT MODELFRONT — ModelFront, with operations in Palo Alto, Yerevan and Zurich, is the first provider of translation risk prediction technology, known in the machine translation research world as translation “quality estimation” – the key to hybrid translation used inside companies like eBay, Microsoft and Amazon.  ModelFront’s production-strength system supports 100+ languages and customization.