Working from Home? LangXpert® Has You Covered

GlobalDoc® brings together teams—wherever they are.

The world we live in is changing. Teams are spread out and communication is in high demand. Now, more than ever, we need to stay connected. It’s what GlobalDoc has been doing for decades. Our team delivers regionally-specific translation solutions to our partners. We use our deep network of human translators and proprietary enterprise-level translation management software, LangXpert, to get the job done. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, LangXpert has you covered.

LangXpert automates the translation process. We built it to seamlessly link with our clients’ systems, and to connect our team and theirs. A secure, accessible, web portal allows the right people to see the status of any project from anywhere. Milestones are clearly outlined and assigned to team members—with automation that keeps the translation moving forward. The result—high-quality and affordable translations in any language.

Connecting people and process

LangXpert connects people across multidivisional, global organizations, to streamline communications between all project stakeholders. Whether you’re working from different continents, offices, or working from home, LangXpert keeps teams aligned with project needs and status while keeping workflow progressing forward.

The user-friendly platform creates an organized flow of information and links client teams, in-country translators, and other project partners. With the ability to connect directly to our clients’ existing content management system (CMS) tools via customizable APIs, LangXpert ensures results that are timely, accurate, and high-quality.

LangXpert makes connecting to your systems easy, with API/EDI capabilities to support any technology—like Drupal, Oracle ECM, Kapost, Stibo STEP, WordPress, or whatever platform you’re currently working with.

The software creates a secure interactive workflow, enables trackable in-country reviews, and automatically delivers project information to client-designated systems across multiple asset lines. By connecting people and process, LangXpert:

  • Reduces email-based, manual, project management processes
  • Connects users with enhanced reporting and tracking
  • Improves translation timelines in any language
  • Supports work-from-home (WFM) operations

Providing access to project specifics when you need them

Access to LangXpert isn’t limited to a specific network at company headquarters. Remote teams, those working in the corporate office, and those working from home can access the cloud-based internal-use-only application within GlobalDoc’s secure, worldwide linked network. This is complemented by a secure cloud-based web portal, accessible to all authorized users from anywhere. Both can manage high volume workflow requirements in all languages and are available 24/7/365.

LangXpert’s web portal connects you and your teams with real people and embedded language technologies ready to launch and deliver accurate and regionally-specific translations in any language. Clients have visibility into the end-to-end translation process and can view project status from anywhere at any time. LangXpert creates a mutually beneficial platform for success. Automation and technology enhance accuracy, cost controls, productivity, and quality.

Automating workflows and avoiding bottlenecks

Project timelines are often greatly impacted by the transition time from one stakeholder to the next, especially email-dependent processes. LangXpert eliminates these workflow bottlenecks by automating project management processes. Additionally, the platform supports any file type, format, and content management system. This means clients don’t need to spend time reformatting or resaving existing content. LangXpert provides clients with turn-key access to high quality, cost competitive global content with the click of a few buttons.

While LangXpert can effortlessly connect with existing technologies and content systems via customization offerings, the platform also has an “out-of-the-box” solution that can quickly implement an automated global workflow without large investment of capital, human resources, or time.

Securing your assets is a top priority

The security of your assets is paramount. LangXpert keeps your assets under lock-and-key to ensure your information is secure. Only those with permissions have access to your translation project. LangXpert consists of two distinct applications: a web-based application and an integrated two-tier internal application. Data and processes stay secure within the internal application, while clients can access project information and submit requests to GlobalDoc through the client portal at any time. Individual user permissions for varying levels of access are also supported.

LangXpert supports your translation projects on the go

The platform brings together people and process no matter where they are. Whether you’re working remotely from home or with an international internal team, LangXpert keeps you connected and aligned with global users, project stakeholders, and translators. The cloud-based web portal makes it easy for authorized users to stay up-to-date, while also keeping data safe and secure.

Learn how LangXpert can meet your company’s translations needs.

At GlobalDoc, our goal is to provide our clients with cost competitive, high-quality, time-saving services that always exceed expectations. We understand the importance of connecting distant teams and utilize our technologies to facilitate connections between people near and far.