Develop a customized translation process whereby Xerox Corporate Headquarters executives can quickly communicate with their employees and business partners worldwide.

GlobalDoc tested and certified a dedicated team of in-country, approved translators positioned to make the near instantaneous turnarounds Xerox requires. We aligned specific GlobalDoc project managers with country-based executive teams at Xerox globally. Our strategy assured localization in each country, translation/transcreation, multilingual formatting, and project management/QA.  After a successful pilot, GlobalDoc refined the process further, and made it available to Xerox company-wide.

Value Add:
Our ready-to-run solution included translation support in any language for routine corporate communications, human resources, press, and other urgent translation initiatives. The customized translation process also enables GlobalDoc to assist Xerox with urgent-need communications in times of natural and other disasters where fast, professional, high-quality communications are imperative.  Our outstanding solutions and trustworthy reliability enabled Xerox to establish a long-standing, trusted partnership with GlobalDoc. GlobalDoc is proud to say Xerox, as a true world-class industry leader, continues to entrust their growing worldwide translation needs to us today.