Develop an automation and content management compatible system that drives consistent project management and simplifies reuse of information to realize optimum cost efficiencies and ensure quality across IBM translated assets worldwide.

Working in partnership with IBM’s content management solutions company, GlobalDoc sought to understand IBM’s existing direction in automation and managed content of translated information. After a thorough investigation, we developed LangXpert®, a customized automation tool that maximizes the effectiveness of IBM’s content logistics worldwide. GlobalDoc designed this proprietary tool with functionality specific to IBM’s content management processes.

Value Add:
GlobalDoc formulated an innovative, scaleable solution in combination with the latest technology and customized software.  Given that our methodology does not disrupt existing processes and, in fact, complemented our client’s way of doing business, IBM was able to continue with uninterrupted productivity during development. Once we fully implement LangXpert, IBM’s processes related to GlobalDoc’s translation offerings will be substantially improved, fulfilling IBM’s desire for complete automation with features like text translation, flash formatting, voiceover recording & integration, localization, and real-time project management/Q&A/reporting.  GlobalDoc proved itself as a true industry leader – one that clients like IBM can turn to for unique needs in order to stay on top of international communications requirements. As an IBM-approved vendor for over 10 years, GlobalDoc has delivered millions of translated words to IBM for a wide range of IBM products and services. It is an honor to have earned IBM’s confidence in our ability to develop innovative solutions.  Our partnership has created a dynamic platform for mutual success –one in which GlobalDoc has been a part of since 1999.